Standing Firm & The Man From Nowhere & Love Covers All - DVD 3-Pack

Standing Firm & The Man From Nowhere & Love Covers All - DVD 3-Pack

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Standing Firm - DVD
Standing Firm is about God's sovereignty in our struggles, and how faith, prayer, and reliance on Jesus can get us through life's toughest circumstances.

After the death of his wife, reluctant churchgoer Dave Corwin finds his life in pieces. While his bitterness with God grows, so does strife with his son Steven, the only Christian remaining at home. With his faith unwelcome, and anger pushing them apart, Steven seeks advice and prayer from others around him. Can he reach his father before grief destroys what’s left of their family?

DVD Special Features: Two Commentaries by Director Kyle Prohaska, Making Of Documentary, Blooper Reel, and Trailer

The Man From Nowhere - DVD
The Man From Nowhere is the first feature film from our friends over at Filmbandit Productions and The Master's University.

New York Times best-selling author (Nick Searcy) pens his final book in an attempt to reconnect with his estranged son Jake (Seth Bowling) before it's too late. His novel, The Man From Nowhere, spins a noir tale of detective Johnny Gamble (Anthony Tyler Quinn) desperately searching for a lost son who has turned to a life of crime. Fiction and reality begin to blur for Jake as he finds himself interacting with both detective Gamble and his father, now a Christian, who shows up at his door and refuses to leave until the two can heal from their painful past.

"The film shows a beautiful picture of the healing and restoration that can happen between a father and son." - Jason Noble, Advance Team Films

"Cinematically beautiful and incredibly creative in its use of the dual storylines, 'The Man From Nowhere' has shown the power it has to move people." - Rev. Jacob Sahms,

Love Covers All - DVD
On the eve of his baby’s due date, Michael, a new father to be, gets stranded out of state with his wife in labor back home! In a panic with the birth drawing near, Michael seeks help from an old gas station owner named Bob, a mysterious man with a past who puts Michael’s faith to the test in a way he’ll never forget.

Filled with drama and relatable characters, LOVE COVERS ALL will challenge and inspire viewers young and old to let go of what’s behind and move forward to what’s ahead. It's never too late for a fresh start!